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openquote1A very big thank you from everyone.

Please do not stop helping us to help you.closequote1

With the economy in Spain and the rest of Europe emerging on a nightmare all of us at the charity are well aware that budgets are very tight and getting tighter. The generosity of people, especially the British where charity’s are concerned never ceases to amaze us

A very big thank you from everyone. Please do not stop helping us to help you.

Over the last few years the charity has held some magnificent events which have bought in much needed funds, sadly the support for these type of functions that we used to hold has dwindled. We are very apprehensive of organising an event where we have to cancel due to lack of tickets sold.

Special Thanks

Many thanks to Bar and Restaurant owners throughout our community who work tirelessly on our behalf filling tins and organising events, raffles, race nights etc.

Special thanks go out to David Wake a crucial volunteer who travels around (often with his wife Kath) to pick up and drop off tins and any monies collected. Also Pam Donnison who gives time every week to help out in the office and ensure that all funds received are counted and banked.

Tins and the Direct Debit scheme will be a priority to get back to the roots of where the charity started.

If you would like to help PCN we are always looking for new ideas to raise funds.  We are also always happy to welcome new volunteers.

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